People, nature, politics and the sea: an interdisciplinary research network on the governance of marine social-ecological systems. Human and social sciences, marine ecology, ecological engineering.

Apolimer is an international network of researchers in natural and social sciences studying the governance of coastal and marine territories and resources. Using the framework of social-ecological systems, it fosters adaptative management in order to develop pathways to sustainability. To this end, the network seeks to shed light on the balance of power in the governance of marine environments.

Apolimer has been funded by the UBO, the INEE French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and La Rochelle University’s Research Federation for Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development (FREDD). It is hosted by the Littoral Environment and Societies laboratory (LIENSs) at La Rochelle University and led by coordinators in the field of sustainability science based in La Rochelle at LIENSs and in Brest at LEMAR.


Apolimer is composed of international scholars of various domains of expertise, including two doctoral students and one engineer. Some specialize in social sciences, in such fields as anthropology, political science, law, sociology, geography and international relations, while others are experts of natural sciences, namely ecology, biology, and biogeochemistry.

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