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Regular Seminar "Les rendez-vous d'Apolimer"

Tarik Dahou

Tarik Dahou

LIENSs, La Rochelle University (FREDD)

March 2020


The Apolimer Observatory seeks to frequently organize workshops about the research carried out in its frame.

Protection of the marine environment
Governance issues and legal perspectives

Agnès Michelot, Olivier Laroussinie

Online – March 2020


Navigating trade-offs between forage fish fisheries and marine top-predators – a social-ecological systems approach

Jonas Hentati Sundberg

Online – March 2020


J-M. Church, A. Pomade, C. Mazé

Online – December 2020


Actor-netwok theory

B. Latour, C. Mazé, O. Ragueneau 

IUEM, LEMAR, Brest Porspoder 

SPA SES-modeling Social network analysis(TAAF study-site)

C. Mazé, N. Chauvac, Yves Le Bras

LIENSs La Rochelle Univ.

Summer schools

Intervention or participation of Apolimer collaborators in thematic schools on marine sustainability and global ecology


Martigues, October 2020

Marine Sustanability

Tromso, Norway