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Regular Seminar "Les rendez-vous d'Apolimer"

Caitriona Carter - Sustainability interdependance

LIENSs, La Rochelle University(FREDD)

Novembre 2020

Tarik Dahou

Tarik Dahou

LIENSs, La Rochelle University (FREDD)

March 2020

Olof Olsson

LIENSs, June 2019

Since 2009, Olof Olsson is Managing Director at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), Stockholm University. Before that he was Programs Director for five years at the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra). He has been Senior Advisor to the Minister for the Environment in Sweden, Senior Officer at three national Research Councils and Consultant at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre.

During his talk he illustrated some research works he carried out at the Stockholm Resilience Centre on a local system in the Baltic Sea where he is involved in marine ecology research. In that system the populations of auks (Common guillemots and Razorbills) are very healthy  and increase with 5% annually. However knowledge about their prey, forage fish (Sprat, Herring), is rather poor. To address this, Olof and his colleagues launched a project where we will make a detailed fish survey by using a drone, equipped with an echo-sounder, that systematically will monitor fish density and distribution in the birds’ feeding area throughout the breeding season. As the fishery in the areas was  extensive and it was expected to increase, t question was how much fish the birds need and how to manage the marine ecosystem ? 

Elspeth Probyn


April 2018

Committed to the field of Gender Studies and Food Studies, Elspeth Probyn is the author of Eating The Ocean (Duke University Press, 2016). During her talk in Plouzané, she presented her project « The Ocean Multiple » that she carried out in Sydney Bay, This project’s goal was to apply the concept of the “multiple body” (Mol, 2003), that is to say of a multiplicity of entities living under the unity of one name, to the environmental context. At the time of debates about the Anthropocene, this theoretical posture questions our relations with the ocean other than human, our food networks and our maritime policies from local to global.

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Eric Soriano

Victor Segalen Faculty, Brest

April 2014

Géraldine Le Roux

Victor Segalen Faculty, Brest

April 2014


Jean-Michel Huctin

Victor Segalen Faculty, Brest

March 2014


The Apolimer Observatory seeks to frequently organize workshops about the research carried out in its frame.

J-M. Church, A. Pomade, C. Mazé

Online – December 2020


Actor-netwok theory

B. Latour, C. Mazé, O. Ragueneau 

IUEM, LEMAR, Brest Porspoder 

SPA SES-modeling Social network analysis(TAAF study-site)

C. Mazé, N. Chauvac, Yves Le Bras

LIENSs La Rochelle Univ.

Summer schools

Intervention or participation of Apolimer collaborators in thematic schools on marine sustainability and global ecology


Martigues, October 2020

Marine Sustanability

Tromso, Norway