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Dr Camille Mazé is a social and political scientist specialized in ocean and coastal environment science. She is a research fellow at CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and works at the University of La Rochelle in the laboratory LIENSs (Coastline, Environment and Society). Her main area of research is ocean governance linked with decision-making processes and natural resources management. She previously taught at the University of Western Brittany in Brest. She holds a PhD in Social Sciences and is qualified to direct research. Dr Mazé founded in 2015 the research network APOLIMER where she manages projects in France and overseas with an interdisciplinary approach to improve coastal communities’ sustainability and to develop a political anthropology of the sea in strong interaction with natural sciences (biology, biogeochemistry, ecology).

I am specialized in the study of political fact and power, first in the realm of Culture and then in that of Nature – the social “great divide” that I explore. I am particularly interested in the tensions between the use and conservation of the ocean and the place of communities, the State and new political actors in this process. It is with this in mind that I created and coordinates APOLIMER. I wish to help strengthen the place of environmental humanities and in particular the social sciences of politics in the field of basic and applied ecology with ethnographic data and field work, located in the marine and land-sea continuum on Metropolitan France and overseas.”

Research themes :

  • Seas and Ocean governance
  • Marine ressources management
  • Adaptation of coastal populations to global change
  • Transition policies and climate change
  • Ecological and social impact of renewable offshore energy windfarms​

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