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Camille Mazé

Co-founder and principal coordinator of Apolimer
Research scientist in political science & ocean governance


Agnès Michelot

Lecturer in public Law

Anatole Danto

Coordination assistant for field survey

PhD student in social sciences

Camille Cherques

Content creation

Cosma Cazé

Network Development

Tamatoa Bambridge

Anthropologist, French-speaking Pacific area coordinator

Alexander Mawyer

 Anthropologist, English-speaking Pacific area coordinator

Tarik Dahou

Socio-anthropologist, Political ecology, Africa coordinator

Valentin Raymond

Socio-anthropologist, PhD French Polynesia

Julia Fertil

Coordination assistant for field survey – Master student in political sciences, French Polynesia

Christophe Guinet

Marine biologist CEBC – French Southern Antartic and Subantartic Coordinator

Paul Tixier

Marine biologist, sustainability sciences, IRD Marbec, Indian Ocean coordinator

Olivier Ragueneau

Biogeochimist, sustainability science, CNRS LEMAR, CNRS Workshops Network coordinator

Fabrice Teletchea

Senior Lecturer, coordination management of aquatic natural resources

Wendy Laperriere


APOLIMER is currently not looking for any interns or employees and does not provide opportunities to lead phD or master students in their thesis. Please check this page on a regular basis or our LinkedIn page for future offers.