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Elspeth Probyn
Valentin Raymond
Tiago Pires da Cruz

The Polycone project is the first attempt to develop a model of sustainable use of cone snails. It will specifically focus on species present in French Polynesia where 114 cone snails occur, including 20 endemic species (1/8 of the world diversity). 

The work will entail three axes : 

1) improvement of our knowledge of cone snails (taxonomy, population sizes, abundance, reproduction, life cycle, habitat, and diet) to constitute a reference collection;

2) establishment of a cone snail venom bank that will enable future sustainable use of conotoxins through non-destructive processes and socio-ecological regulation of cone species by stakeholders. This regulation may lead to the establishment of protected areas with harvest quotas according to predefined socio-ecological criteria or to aquaculture; 

3) development and implementation of a regulatory mechanism that takes into account local, domestic, scientific and industrial knowledge and provides for the sharing of benefits resulting from access to these genetic and biological resources.

Apolimer collaborators will especially be active on the third research axis of the polycone project. 


© Camille Mazé