The Ocean Multiple, ApoliMer receive Elspeth Probyn

As a part of the ApoliMer (RTPi ApoliMer / UMR 6539 LEMAR / IUEM / INEE / CNRS) team seminar , we are honored to received Elspeth Probyn. Engaged on the fields of Gender Studies and Food studies, Elspth ist the author of « Eating the ocean » (Duke University Press, 2016). She will presented in PLouzané the project on which she is working about the Bay of Sydney, ocean multiple, which adapts to the environmental context the concept of « multiple bodies » (Mol, 2003). It means that a multiplicity of entities designed by one name. At the time of debats about Anthropocen, this theoritical point of view asks our relations with non-human ocean, our food network and our maritim policies from local to global scales. The conference will be follow by a question time in French and in English.