Adélie Pomade

Associate professor at Brest University

Environmental law, Sociologie of law – Legal theory

Adélie Pomade is associate professor in Law at Université de Bretagne Occidentale and a researcher at the laboratory of Development of Uses and Resources within Marine and Coastal Areas (AMURE).

She works on alternative legal tools or models supporting decision making-processes to improve the efficacy and efficiency of environmental law within evolutive socio-ecosystems. She bases her approach on the concepts of co-construction, scenarios, and governance, while keeping a major focus on the role and potential of citizen science within the Humanities and social sciences. She works on environmental cross-cutting issues linked to climate and biodiversity.

Adélie Pomade’s research takes place within the intellectual framework of adaptive law and is very influenced by the notion of internormativity. She seizes the legal discipline in a dynamic and integrated perspective, in constant dialogue with sociology, political science, ecology and geography.

Involved in Apolimer projects


Selection of publications

[To be published online in 2020 – French] Rethink the Commons in Law : a legal challenge ?, Regards, French Society for Ecology and Evolution SFE 2 ,

[article in French] Reducing the impact of fisheries practices on ecosystem through the use of the « legal gradient ». Focus on the Marine Natural Park of Iroise, Revue Interdisciplinaire de l’environnement Vertigo, n° spécial, 2019.

The effectiveness of Payment for Ecosystem Services: a mix between a gradient model of public intervention and an effective normative framework, in The Effectiveness of Environmental Law, S. Maljean-Dubois (dir.), Intersentia, 2017.