Anne Choquet


Anne Choquet is Professor and researcher in law at Brest Business School in France. She is also Associated researcher at the AMURE joint research unit (UMR 6308 AMURE), centre for the law and economics of the sea (European Institute of Marine Studies-IUEM).

After a Phd thesis on environmental protection in Antarctica, Anne Choquet pursues her research work on polar areas governance (Antarctica and the Arctic) not only regarding sustainable development of these areas (environmental protection and law of the sea) but also private activities management (tourism and fishing) or innovating activities management (drones).

Her research expertise gave her the opportunity to take part to international negotiations, within the French delegation to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings. She is also member of the French National Committee in Antarctic and Arctic Research (Comité National Français des Recherches Arctiques et Antarctiques – CNFRA) and the French Institute of the Sea (Institut Français de la mer – IFM).

Current projects

Recent publications

Choquet A., Faure C., Danto A., Maze C., Governing the Southern Ocean: the science-policy interface as thorny issue, Environmental Science and Policy, Vol. 89, November 2018, pp.23-29 (CNRS éco gestion 2017: 3, HCERES écogestion 2018: B).

Choquet A., Interdiction de l’exploitation minière en Antarctique, une réalité menacée?, Natures Sciences Sociétés, 2018/1 (vol.26), pp.49-59 (CNRS 4).

Choquet A., Des drones à des fins touristiques en Antarctique ? De l’intérêt d’un moratoire avant un cadre réglementaire spécifique, Revue Générale de droit international public, numéro 2016/4 (AERES Droit)

Choquet A., Le tourisme en Antarctique : vers une ouverture contrôlée, Annuaire de Droit Maritime et Océanique, 2016