ApoliMer, CEBC and LIENSs labs received Olof Olson, Managing Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre

ApoliMer, the labs of CEBC and LIENSs recieved Olof Olsson, marine biologist, seabird researcher and Managing Director at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) at CEBC in Chizé and LIENSs in La Rochelle, on the 19th and 20th June 2019.

The ApoliMer team with the labs CEBC & LIENSs have had the honour to receive Olof Olsson for three days in Chizé and La Rochelle.

Since 2009, he is the Managing Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), Stockholm University. Before that he had been the Programs Director for five years at the Foundation for strategic Environmental Research (Mistra). He has been Senior Advisor to the Minister for the Environment in Sweden, Senior Officer at three national Research Councils and Consultant at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre. In 1995 he took his PhD on behavioural and life history ecology of King Penguins in South Georgia, in the Southern Ocean, at the Department of Zoology, Uppsala University, in collaboration with British Antarctic Survey. Olof did his basic education in biology and geosciences at Lund University and he has been the leader of a seabird research project in the Baltic Sea since 1997. He has been working with seabirds in Lofoten and Svalbard for almost ten seasons and he has been conducting a study of wolfs’ prey choice in Scandinavia.

He did two talks at the CEBC, in Chizé and at LIENSs, in La Rochelle where he explained how the concepts of Social-Ecological systems and interdisciplinary works are involved in the SRC, taking the example of  the SeaBOS project. Moreover, he presented his research project about the study of seabirds in the Baltic Sea and the link with the fisheries, to insist on the necessity of sustainable exploitations. `

We would like to thank him for his visit and enriching talks !