Benoit Othoniel

Researcher, modeling engineer

Freelance: Benoit Othoniel’s Useful Modeling, La Rochelle


Dynamic SES modeling

Since his childhood, when he climbed up the trees to look at the surroundings, Benoit sees himself as an observer of the world. While he strives every day to better understand it, he especially likes to question his own knowledge and beliefs by confronting and sharing them with his contemporaries. Trained as an agricultural engineer, he specialised in modelling socio-ecosystems (system dynamics according to the MIMES approach of Boumans et al, 2015 – Ecosystem Services) during his thesis in environmental economics. This latter, conducted between the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and Vrije University of Amsterdam, focuses on the assessment of the impact of land use changes on ecosystem services in the framework of life cycle assessment. Throughout his interdisciplinary career, he has been primarily interested in the preservation of terrestrial ecosystems and its integration into land use planning with a concern for sustainability. Nevertheless, he has a real interest in marine environments and fishing, the richness of which he discovered through Apolimer. This undoubtedly comes from his pleasure in swimming, from the fishermen he has observed and who have impressed him in the countries where he has worked and travelled Madagascar (NGO L’Homme et l’Environnement), Cambodia (Ministry of Water and Climate), Taiwan (Feng-Chia University), India – and from his family where fly fishing is a religion. Son of a dancer anda photographer, he tries to bring a creative, even artistic touch to his models. Following his leitmotiv « making useful models », he greatly appreciates the philosophy and objectives of Apolimer, which he joined in 2020 and within which he hopes to be, himself, useful.

Involved in Apolimer projects

Selection of publications

Othoniel B., Rugani B., Heijungs R., Beyer M., Machwitz M. & Post P. (2019). An improved life cycle impact assessment principle for assessing the impact of land use on ecosystem services. Sci. Total Environ, 693, 133374. Lien

Baustert P., Othoniel B., Rugani B. & Leopold U. (2018). Uncertainty analysis in integrated environmental models for ecosystem service assessments: Frameworks, challenges and gaps. Ecosyst. Serv., 33, 110–123. Lien

Othoniel B., Rugani B., Heijungs R., Benetto E. & Withagen C. (2016). Assessment of Life Cycle Impacts on Ecosystem Services: Promise, Problems, and Prospects. Environ. Sci. Technol., 50 (3), 1077–1092. Lien