Émilie Mariat-Roy


Dr. Emilie Mariat-Roy is an anthropologist, doctor of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences sociales (2011). She studied the economic and social consequences of Icelandic marine resource management policies in seven Icelandic fishing ports. Her doctoral and postdoctoral research was carried out within the framework of the scientific program n ° 443 DRISCLA-North (Dynamics, Resources, Innovations and Strategies of the North Atlantic Coastal Communities), supported by the Polar Institute Paul-Emile Victor (IPEV).

She has carried out systematic boarding aboard artisanal and industrial fishing boats and met a great diversity of actors from the fishing world: fishermen, representatives of professionals, entrepreneurs and employees of the fisheries sector, inhabitants of coastal villages, parliamentarians, scientists, institutional actors …

In the framework of the multidisciplinary scientific program INPECMAM (Marine Mammal Fishermen Interaction) (2012-2013), Emilie has conducted postdoctoral research on the forms of depredation with professional fishermen working in the perimeter of the Iroise Marine Park in order to characterize depredations caused by gray seal populations.

She was responsible for the sociological component of the program, having a biological component (Laboratory BIOGEMME-UBO and Océanopolis-Brest).

Emilie Mariat-Roy is attached to the multidisciplinary team GGH-TERRES / EHESS (Group of Geography and History of Territories, Resources and Societies) and secretary of the association CETMA-Maritime Anthropology (National Museum of Natural History ). She is coordinating today the AMAR axis of ApoliMer.

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