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Justine Réveillas | Post-doc en droit de l'environnement

Justine Réveillas | Post-doc en droit de l'environnement

Justine Reveillas is a Post-doc in environmental law at the multidisciplinary laboratory LIENSs in La Rochelle. Passionate about the oceans for a very long time, she decided to specialize in the international protection of the marine environment.

Although she has been very interested in deep sea mining in the Area through my Master thesis, she decided to broaden the scope of her research with a doctoral thesis.

This the sis focuses on the protection of the marine environment beyond national jurisdictions.  It is directed by Agnès MICHELOT (La Rochelle University / UMR LIENSs) and funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

She holds a law degree (University of Bordeaux Montesquieu), as well as a Master's degree specialized in environmental and urban planning law (University of Limoges).

Her research focuses on the study of the international governance of the oceans, more particularly of the high seas and the Area, two spaces located beyond national jurisdictions.

The aimis to analyze the legal framework for the protection of the marine environment in these areas in order to demonstrate the gaps and to reflect on alternative management solutions.

This management must follow an ecosystem approach in order to overcome the fragmentation of the international law of the sea in the face of the continuity of the oceans. To this end, the negotiations taking place within the United Nations on marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ) will be studied and followed closely.

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6 mai 2022


Politique environnementale , Droit de l'environnement