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Camille Mazé is a research fellow in political science at the CNRS in France (INEE), specialized in the study of decision-making processes and modes of governance related to the management of the environment and natural resources. She is particularly interested in government regimes, management scenarios and the distribution of power between institutions, actors, interest groups, networks involved in the regulation of human/nature relationships – that “great divide” which she explores in order to better contribute to surpass it. The tensions between exploration, exploitation and conservation in the face of the new challenges of socio-economic development and the injunctions for sustainable development (UN SDG’s), sustainability and the strengthening of the resilience of socio-ecosystems are at the heart of the research that she deploys in social sciences, in close interaction with ecologists, especially around the notion of management/adaptive governance promoted by environmental science literature in the perspective of (socio)-ecological transition. By doing so, she is helping to strengthen the place of environmental humanities and in particular the social sciences of politics in the field of basic and applied ecology. Her field work is in the marine and land-sea continuum.

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