Nathalie Niquil


Nathalie Niquil is a modeler of food webs and specializes in the analysis of ecological networks.

She has been a research director at the CNRS since 2012, after having been a lecturer at the University of La Rochelle (teaching in digital ecology) for 13 years. She works in Caen in the UMR BOREA (Biology of Aquatic Organisms and Ecosystems, MNHN, CNRS, IRD, University of the West Indies, University of Caen Normandy). It is in charge of the transverse axis « global changes » and responsible for the questions relating to Marine Renewable Energies.

Graduate of the ENS Lyon and a civil engineer of the Rural Engineering of Them and Forests, Nathalie is a doctor in Biological Oceanology of the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes and the University of Perpignan. Since then she has had the opportunity to collaborate on the interfaces between ecology and mathematics, coastal physics / geology, geography and now anthropology. She currently leads, with Philippe Huneman (philosopher of science), an interdisciplinary think tank around the subject « Network ».

Huneman’s work focuses on the modeling and characterization of microbial food webs’ properties of functioning and their integration into ecosystem networks. For 5 years she has been involved in research on ecosystem health indicators for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. She leads the OSPAR Food webs expert group on this issue. She is also interested in cumulative impacts and the development of numerical methods to model its effects on the functioning of the ecosystem and to quantify the associated uncertainty. It is currently evolving towards the modeling of socio-ecological networks. It coordinates, in collaboration with Apolimer researchers, the RETROPOLI project (From trophic network models to political decision-making: what lessons can be drawn from cumulative impact simulations in the Seine Bay?), funded by the Littoral challenge of the Mission for the Interdisciplinarity of the CNRS.

Current projects

APPEAL (2017-2019 ANR/ITE/FEM) – Lot 4 – Modelisation of social-ecological systems aroud the development of offshore wind turbines, sociologic analyse of networks (field work of Groix).

Recent publications

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