Valentin Raymond

Master’s student

Social sciences

Anatole Danto began in PhD in 2016 with the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and within the Apolimer network. Rooted in anthropology and political science, his work consists in an analysis of ecosystem-based management as a new mode of territorial governance, for which he carries out an interregional comparison of land/sea interface areas. His PhD is supervised by Camille Mazé (Apolimer, La Rochelle University/UMR LIENSs) and Romain Pasquier (IEP Rennes/UMR Arènes) and funded by the Brittany region and LabEx Mer.

Anatole Danto holds master’s degrees in marine and coastal sciences (European University Institute of the Sea/University of Western Brittany [UBO]), ethnology and identity dynamics (UBO), and maritime history (University of South Brittany). He also has a degree in languages and civilizations in German and Russian (UBO), a BSc in geography (University of Nantes), and a BA in social sciences (University of Strasbourg).

Anatole Danto’s research focuses on the dynamics of fishing societies in the face of political, socio-economic and environmental changes, and on the action of the State at sea. His fieldwork is conducted on the French West (Loire estuary, Brittany), the German coasts, the Baltic sea (Baltic states, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia), and Saint Pierre and Miquelon archipelago.

Member for two years of the Renewable marine energy group of the Saint-Nazaire urban community development council, Anatole Danto also worked for several months for the ministry in charge of ecology. He is currently a member of the workgroup in Fisheries History of ICES, a member of the cultural network of the RAMSAR Convention, and a member of the GIS History and Marine Sciences.

Involved in Apolimer projects

Selection of publications

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Eric Collias, Anatole Danto. Éco-anthropologie en Basse-Loire : des collectifs à l’épreuve du flot, du doux et du sec., Association, 2020, Approche anthropologique des changements climatiques et météorologiques, ⟨10.25667/ethnographiques/2019-38/003⟩. ⟨hal-02190862⟩

Anatole Danto, Camille Mazé, Olivier Ragueneau. Sur le terrain de l’océanographie politique : carnets de terrain, ethnographie multi-sites et modes de gouvernement de la Mer au croisement des sciences sociales et des sciences de la nature. Social Science Information, SAGE Publications, 2018, 57 (3), pp.448-475. ⟨10.1177/0539018418794329⟩. ⟨hal-01859097⟩